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Epografica, Motorsport in Graphics

For teams that want to demonstrate their value and credibility to their financiers, the creation of graphics, logos and their management is an absolute necessity not to be overlooked. Epografica has the experience and technologies to give each customer the right look, understanding what is needed to deliver a controlled and constant look to the entire team.

Epografica has a thirty-year experience in the world of motorsports, in the design, implementation, management and improvement of graphics specific to motorsport, and boasts collaborations with participating teams in the most renowned categories, such as Formula 1, AutoGp, Formula 3, Formula Abarth, F.3000 Touring Cars, Gt.

As in the management of graphics on racing vehicles, Epografica is able to take full responsibility in the production of graphics for all aspects of the team, such as garages panels, trucks, company vehicles, team equipment, pit walls and anything else needed to appear at the top. With a competent use of decorative materials such as adhesive vinyls, always of high quality, it allows us to create any type of livery, often impossible to realize with painting only, this by car wrapping or simple effect decorations.

By offering our design skills and understanding of practical requirements we can work with the customer to develop the "concept design", visualizations, presentations for sponsorships and livery design, with consequent revisions and evolutions considering the problems of branding and integration of large and small sponsors, as well as color interpretation and strategic differentiation and brand management opportunities.


The dedication and passion for this activity allows us to keep up with the ever-tight times that have always accompanied motorsport, giving the customer, in addition to competence, assistance and home application, a 24-hour availability for the whole competition period helping to overcome any unexpected event. Moreover, thanks to the collaboration with renowned shippers we can deliver the graphics in a very short time at your transfer destination, at circuits or hotels.


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